As a global organisation, we are seeking to decarbonise, close the resource loop, develop environmental technologies, and provide products and services that reduce environmental impacts. We endeavour to reduce this impact early in the lifecycle at the procurement stage.

We seek to build mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and suppliers. We ask them to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics but, at the same time, we respect their autonomy and independence. We believe that through collaboration, we can help to address societal challenges and sustainability.

At a global level, and in line with our commitment to the SDGs, we have set two overarching targets for our supply chain:

1. To ensure worker rights and safety

2. To realise a sustainable society

Supplier ethics and code of conduct

As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which is a global coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains, we ask our suppliers to adhere to the same high ethical standards as we do. We believe that through collaboration we can help to address sustainability and societal challenges.

Our Epson Group supplier guidelines include a code of conduct, which sets out our expectation for our suppliers in terms of labour, health and safety, environment, ethics and management systems. It is based on the RBA Code of Conduct, and all Epson Europe suppliers are expected to adhere to it.

Responsible minerals

We are committed to ensuring that Epson products contain responsibly sourced minerals. We promote understanding of our responsible minerals procurement standards throughout our supply chain and with our production facility sites around the world.

European Distribution Centre

Our main European Central Distribution Centre is in Bedburg, Germany, and manages the import and export of goods. We are focused on sustainability initiatives within our warehouse operations and in minimising the CO2 emissions of our upstream and downstream transportation.

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